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 Disc Plough 

Disc Plough is an agricultural tool. Disc plough is used mainly for tilling the soil. Disc plough can be efficient on the soil which has hard, dry and stony texture. The structure has a frame and its shovels are reversible it has a hitch system and has heavy duty springs as well. It is used on depth of greater diameter. The structure of this equipment is such that it is used to avoid friction and prevent premature damage. This machinery undergoes lesser damage and thus having lesser maintenance cost. It can be used well on irregular stony land. The Disc plough has further various types.  They frame of disc plough is comprised of Beam, Standard, cross-shaft, plough body & furrow wheel. They are mounted disc plough, semi-mounted disc plough and trailed disc plough. The mounted plough is designed with a frame which can be used for trashy soil conditions. Extra furrows which are attached can help in easy clearance. The plough also has an option of steel blades & bar points it can be used for ploughing in tough conditions. Also this machinery due to bar points has longer life and can be used for considerable time. The mounted disc plough can be used for wide range of dealers at economical prices. 

Disc Plough price

The Mounted Disc Plough price ranges from INR 50,000 to 80,000. The disc plough which are attached to tractors also known as Tractor disc plough. They are agricultural heavy duty machinery starting from an average INR 25000.

There are various manufacturers and Traders in India and some of them are also located in Punjab. One can easily locate them through this portal of ours. These are the manufacturers who provide their customers with assured products.

Kumar Enterprises located in Gola, Uttar Pradesh.  They are the traders of this equipment and along with other equipments such as gold rotary tiller, happy seeder etc. They are certified by Agrohub.

Dhanjal Agricuiture Industries are manufacturers situated in Ludhiana, Punjab. They are rated three stars by its users and provide economical equipments of their products. They are also certified by Agrohub.

Gill Agricultural Implements Pvt. Ltd. are another manufacturers situated in Malaut in Punjab region. They are verified dealers of disc plough and are rated three out of five stars for the product.

Modern Industries in hoshiarpur, Punjab are manufacturers of these equipments. They provide with good quality of the products which include Disc harrow, Disc plough, rotavator etc. They are rated three stars by their users and are also Agrohub verified.

Mukesh Agro Industries are product manufacturers located in Madhya Pardesh in Mandsaur. They provide with good quality of their products and have extended their networks through their products into the worldwide market.

Punjab Tractor and spares were setup in the year 2003 in Karnal, Haryana. They have become well known with their products name and have become a known provider of their product nation over. They deal in various equipments such as disc plough, land leveler, disc plough and all kinds of farm equipments.

The disc ploughs are used to mix the remains of the crops and weeds in the soil. In the rain-fed area they serve to be the best tool. It also helps in reducing the soil erosion. The disc ploughs are in disc shape. The disc ploughs are designed in such a manner so that they can reduce friction. It works with a large mounted disc on one side.

The mounted Disc plough can be used in all types of soil. Its basic function is that of mixing, turning & breaking the soil. It can be used in rocky stony areas. The new lands which are uncultivated can easily be cultivated using it. The extra heavy duty pipe frames can be used with which plough can be used on heavy residue of the crops. The mounted Disc plough is different from Disc harrow where the disc plough is used prior to disc harrow to till the land disc harrow is used to till the land cultivated by plow. If the soil has finer particles in that case disc harrow can be used as a plough.